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Tell Me About It - House/Cuddy Fanfic Recs/Discuss
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21st-Jan-2008 02:13 am - REC: Porcelain
huddy new
Writer: queenzulu 
Pre-show, Infarction, AU
Why am I reccing this fic?
Beautiful AU fic, what if Cuddy had an infarction and House was her doctor?
Very touching, heartbreaking and real.

21st-Jan-2008 01:43 am - REC: Anatomy
Cuddy Wants You
Writer: flying cat
Pre-show, College
Why am I reccing this fic?
Very well written, loved the the way House and Cuddy are written in their younger selves, I found it very believable that they were really like that 20 years ago. And I'm a sucker for huddy-college-smut =]


huddy manip 2
Writers: leiascully & sangria_lila
Timeline: Pre-show, College
Rating: NC-17
Why am I reccing this fic?
I am in love with this one. It brings out what House & Cuddy's relationship in college would have looked like, in the exact way I picture it could have really been. This fic is very true to the characters, written in their snarkly selves plus some pretty hot stuff going on ;)
It's a very fun fic, which I enjoy reading again and again, and is really one of my favorites, so I chose it to be the first recommended fic in this community :)

The Happy Adventures of Louie the Lipid
14th-Jan-2008 05:35 am - Welcome!
huddy new
Welcome to huddy_recs!
This community was created for Huddy fans to discuss & recommend the amazing fanfics this ship has. This is also the place for challenges and everything connected to Huddy fics, other than publishing fics. For that you have </a></b></a>huddy_fanficPlease make sure you check out the User Info for rules, and I hope you'll have a great time in this community!!


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